University Life Year 1: Passed!

I have survived my first year at university! (And passed!) It has has gone so fast. I have learnt a lot, grown as a person, experienced life and met some amazing people.

Warm weather walks in Tufnell Park.

Tonje's birthday Starbucks!

My nickname in Marylebone. It's not their fault they can't understand my Northern ways (I said 'Sam' = Sime).

My amazing new mug, which I bought before they changed them with the new logo!

As much as Shepherds Bush was a mission to get to, they did have very creative billboards. Check out the real flowers for the Cribs!

My favourite pub, the Hawley Arms in Camden.

3 months interning at Phoenix magazine, two written pieces in print issue 7! Mr Gandy's face looks over our shared kitchen.

Japanese magazines sent over by my Japanese pen-pal, Nami! They really helped with the influence of Plum magazine.

Clearing out my flat for my return back home, I found the welcome pack I was given when I arrived at halls. Felt surreal and rewarding throwing it away!

The post card that was given to me on the LCF test and interview day. I remember when I got it I placed it in front my my empty sheet before the test for motivation! It works and I still have it. I also found in my room in student halls, my library card for Manchester library which has been shut for 3 years for a re-vamp. My friend Hollie and I used to just go and chill out in there after college, even though it was half an hour away. It was such a Harry Potter like place to be, I loved it, I also owe them 48p. I hope they haven't made it modern, it's such an amazing building.

George doesn't drink!

So many film nights in our kitchen.

How I chilled at the end of term 3!

Graduate Fashion Week nails!

My usual.

The amazing Covent Garden Snog ceiling!

On my last day in London, George and I went to our favourite Snog in Covent Garden (and no not just because only male models work there) we then went to Cyber Candy and spent a stupid amount on American candy.


Then the day I left, I woke up to a collection of quotes from George made up from pivotal moments at LCF. So many funny times, most of them mad, it has been a fun year and during the hard times, all you have to do is laugh!

My little sister greets me back home with Starbucks!

It has been a long yet quick year at university and I can't wait to start enjoying the summertime!

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