Electrick Children

Electrick Children is out on the 13th July and I can't wait to go and see it!

Created by Rebecca Thomas, the film was screened at the Berlin film festival and now we get to see it too. I really want to go to a film festival. It isn't showing at the average commercial cinemas around where I live, so I get to go to the picture house in Manchester at Cornerhouse, the same cinema where I could only watch Submarine. So arty, so pretentious, so good.

I could look at film stills all day. These are especially transporting, so much raw-ness which only elevates the story, a story which is so strange and so cool, heck, I've got The Nerves Hanging On A Telephone on repeat! Julia Garner is sooo petite, she totally owns her character, great hair. In fact all of the cast have some seriously great hair. The styling makes me want to channel my own inner Mormon, I think all one print dresses will be big, you heard it here first. So in love with Rory Culkin's grungy/spacey-esque skate jacket, GIVE IT TO ME, so cool. I used to skate. I think I ollie'd once. On grass. I think. This film appeals to me on lots of different levels. I can't repeat how excited I am to go and see it!

I have to be honest - Rory Culkin is the main reason I'm going to see this film. Though, theres no denying how amazing it looks and with Rory in it, I'm even more looking forward to watching it!

(Rory Culkin has the same birthday as me #justsayin. I'm also 5'4 and he's 5'6 #justsayin.)

Road trip anyone? x

Images from the films website & images of Rory tumblr.

Listen to Top Of The Hill by Conduits (the awesome song from the trailer)

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