electrick children


So now I've got that off my chest, what I really want to say next to Rebecca Thomas: more, MORE! Reading interviews Rebecca mentioned she has lots of crazy, staying up late pillow case kind of ideas for future films kinda like psychedelia style things and horror. It probably doesn't say that but thats how I read it, and thats why I'll be going to see them, because shes amazing.

So Electrick Children, woaaaah, all the way through you're unaware then BAM. It's just great, and Clyde, oh Clyde! Julia Garner is so great, my friend Kyle and I really want to know how old she is! We've tried so hard to find out, ahem googling on my phone on the bus ride back.... but to no avail!

I've not enjoyed a film like this since Submarine. It's just one of those movies I'd have on repeat for months, which is good for me as I usually have the same DVD on repeat for at least a couple of weeks, I don't know why. 

Mr. Will, you're so cool. I'm not going to type a text heavy 'what i thought' review as you just need to go and see it. The second time I went to go and see it, with Kyle again as we seriously love this film, was for my birthday with my best friend Becky. It was in the Cornerhouse Manchester again but this time the room was sooo tiny, it was as like falling into the chairs as soon as the curtain was pulled back to enter. At work I was telling my manager and we both agreed how atmospheric it would be if people could still smoke inside, although we both agreed how much the smoke would actually antagonise our smoke-free lungs. 

(watch the attached short clips of the film!)

Bassically the film is constructed beautifully. You genuinally believe Rachael is carrying the son of god. And all I have left to say is that I wanted to live by the sea before this movie. 

You'll have the Nerves ringing in your ears for days. DVD please!

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