New Room Inspiration

Ahhh, smell that? Febreze! Hello new room for a whole year! Let me decorate you in pillows, throws, pretty photos and ribbons!

That time has come where second year students are either continuing into student halls, moi, or furthering on the adulthood timeline and moving into their very first flats. It's an exciting time. One where I find myself looking at DIY blogs and searching for ELLE d├ęcor. Pintrest and tumblr are now my gods that I must obey in the form of jam jar pen holders and crafty bunting.

Here are some of my recent room inspirations for a new year:

My old room, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, teen Vogue image, amazing cupcakes, bohemian loft, things that make me want to invest in a bedazzler, my current room & an amazing like organised work station I think is also from teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue do a lot of freshmen dorm room features on their website, which are definitely worth a look!

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