Hello Winter!

Winter is here folks, well not quite but I'm getting my knitwear on and stocking up on my hot water bottles.

Brownies are off the menu for me now, yeah thats right I'm healthy now, but if anyone wants to just seek refuge under pink Egyptian cotton bed sheets with an oversized Disney Monsters Inc furry Sully pillow (just me?) then do check out my S.A.D care package post I crafted whilst hibernating on the move throughout sixth form.

It's ok. Here are some photos to promote a happy winter, the only wintery things we can embrace during winter that we forget about but soon love to rekindle with:

Knitwear, wooly tights, woollen scarves, winter boots, winter coat, say hello to your winter wardrobe. And best of all, we get the layer again, 1. 2. 3... ahhh.

Taking sanctuary in coffee shops whilst it's raining, snowing or anything else our Northern weather has to offer, Starbucks has the answer.

Probably the best thing about winter, mulled wine.

Or for now, the next best thing: 

Happy winter!

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