Blogger of the year 2010 entry

Remember last spring, the denim pandemic? Military boots, maxi dresses and trust me, aw10 furry hats. These are pieces guaranteed to be worn by the average shopper. Looking back to the late 90’s frankly makes me cringe. Fortunately, thanks to the lovely likes of style guru Gok Wan, such a sweetie, women and even men now have a better understanding of how to dress themselves with confidence and style. Without being size zero.

Everyone’s fascinated and drawn to diversity whether they admit it or not. However think Cheryl Coles hair, it’s purple. How many kids do you now see with purple hair? Too many! What I want to understand is just because a Celeb icon such as Cheryl dyes her hair such a peculiar colour, does that mean the whole female and possibly male, Cole/X factor fan have to therefore do the same? The high street has so much to offer, it just seems the easier option to buy that pair of cut off’s just because Kate Moss sports them.

When you next spot a fabulous garment, wonder if it reflects your personality or a person you’d like to be; Fashion is about dressing up yet style is your individuality.

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