Clothes Show 2010

I've been to a couple of clothes shows in Birmingham in the past with school, they were always so cool but at the same time so tiresome. I suppose its the company you keep but there was always one point in the day where we found a spot on the ground to sift through all the freebies we had been given. It was the catwalk show I looked forward to much, and the live performance! I remember the last one I went to in 2009 we all knew we wouldn't have a chance like this again as we were in a last year of school so as the end show was on, music filling the stadium we all jumped up and started to dance! It was such a nice moment, it was the moment I realised sometimes you just have to dance, even if your the only one! Since then there has been many occasions where this has been the case, I don't mind some people are shy or just don't want to dance, but I know they secretly do. I see the way they stare! Then again, that might just be because of my terrible terrible dance moves, think 80's moves with a bit of flapper girl and some Woodstock.

I really want to go this year as the beloved Gok is there, hes such a sweetie! Because of all this UCAS polava theres a Blogger of the year competion, I think I may enter what have I got to loose. I always apply for everything and never win anything haa oops.

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