I clicked a link somewhere, well on dailybooth, about this band called Cut Copy. They're from down under, Australia, and I am amazingly in love with them. Their sound is so electro 80s/surfer dance! That is the only way to describe them, you have to listen to understand!

This was the link, but here are also a couple of my favourites.

I'm listening to their Youtube playlist of albums NONE STOP. It's perfect for me because when I'm working I need something to listen to and this is enchanting enough to be not loud and distracting, yet still interesting. It also makes me feel really happy whenever I listen to them.

I have to admit. I think I like them better than the Drums (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The Drums have a much harder New Yorker sound. Cut Copy are much more calmer with their instruments. You almost feel as if you're at a beach party!

I'm gutted because they're playing at the Gorilla in town (Manchester) on the 5th March! The Gorilla is a new venue owned by the owners of Def Institute, in the Academy. I'm yet to discover it but there is some hype surrounding it, however not that many people have heard of it. It would of been nice to of got tickets because it would of been the perfect way to celebrate this mad week of Uni portfolio prep, Uni interviews, the assessment at LCF and the many train journeys. They've all sold out and there is NONE anywhere. I also have to be over 18 (5 months away!) and I can't take another rejection from a gig. Clo and I were supposed to go watch Mike Fielding DJ at Moho but the bouncers were having none of it. We had no idea we needed ID! What a waste of a fiver, it was probably crap anyway... (I joke, I was well miffed, I love Mike. Especially his brother Noel.)

Cut Copy are often labelled 'Electro-pop' but they're more electro-dance (than pop). Where as the Drums ARE pop, its what create. If you like Men At Work or New Order, you'll love Cut Copy.

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