I took this on a trip to London and I love it! Really sums up the spirit of Carnaby Street!

No, not the band, unfortunately... the Leeds high street brand designed by Ryan Holliday-Stevens creating futuristic dresses with seamless lines, shapes, materials and colours. It's exactly how we imagine our future uniforms, a lot like Rocky Horror Planet Transsexual Transylvania, but not as scary. Can be found also in the colourful haven that is Carnaby St.

I've got my eye on these two sale pieces for festival pull overs. They will add instant sparkle and elude my fellow campers into believing I spent hours getting ready in my tiny space when really I'd of awoken half an hour ago and will hide my hungover beady eyes behind my UO clubmasters until nightfall.

Taken from AQUA's blog, this is the look we all need to aim for for JUNE, it's eclectic magpie jewelry stealing, sun kissed a bit to much but thats okay skin and very shiny high hair.

Again from their blog, amazing photography for their lookbook, I love the shape on the right, fantastico!

And lastly, we all need a pair of these shoes. I feel they're kicking brogues not just out of the way but over the fence and into the sunlight. AQUA's blog features blogposts from their travels, current events with only a short blurb of text - if any - at the end, which is always good.

Aqua Logo

check out there blog! I'm obsessed at the moment with their cute song of the week feature. Click the logo for a link over there. They're doing something different, it's the right amount of Hipster but so far away from the grunge toxic side. This is clean cut. Smart. Focused. Bright. Hello a futuristic Summer 2011!

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