S U B M A R I N E - Directed by Richard Ayoade

Craig Roberts

Basically Submarine is a one of those go to films to escape into sanity. It's perfect British humour I'm ever loyal too and who else better to Direct it? Richard Ayoade, or also known as Moss, from the IT Crowd.

I went to go and see this film the day it was out even though I was ill! It wasn't showing in my local big cinemas, Cineworld and Showcase, but it was showing at Cornerhouse. The Cornerhouse is a very arty lottery funded house, on the corner of Oxford Road, Manchester. Its walls are completely made of glass looking in on arty professor types drinking wines, coffees lounging on the sofas (if we could still smoke inside it would be the ultimate beatnik place to be) and on to independent exhibitions. I spoke to a lady in there and I'm really considering emailing the head for a exhibit there, how cool would that be! Theres also a cinema showing all types of festival worthy films, documentaries and international movies - without subtitles, what did you expect.

The Cornerhouse cinema has got to be the most comfy cinema I have ever been to. Imagine a shoebox with careful mood lighting and huge red cinema chairs. We missed the beginning of Submarine as we were running from Piccadilly too Oxford Road, not easy, so we wouldn't miss much but neither the less it was amazing. The art direction was perfect, perfect timing, use of colour and the humour never failed to twist my stomach into two. It was hilariously funny. Alex Turner, lead singer from the Arctic Monkeys, soundtrack really was the edible glitter on the cupcake. It's nothing like hes done before but you know it's exactly what he’s always wanted to do. You can listen to it in the video below along with the trailer. This is just my opinion of the film, it's great. Thats all there is too say, I would say go and see it while you still can!

don't you just wish Oliver Tates were real!

To be fair, I did think that the cinema would be packed full of indie kids and hipsters wanting to go and see it because of the Turner soundtrack but I wasn't, it was full of arty adults comatose in their artistic aura in a deep slumber of duffel coats and dry humour. Can't beat it. One couple were so in awe (at the credits...) I had to nudge them to tell them they had dropped a £10 and £5 note on the floor beside their chair, it's always nice helping someone, they were very grateful and sleepily smiley. I always wonder who they could of been, for all I know they could of been owners of massive stately homes and best friends with Warhol, they could of just owned a little cafe or they couldn't of owned anything at all, you just never know. It's nice to be nice!

Roberts & Yasmin Paige

At the Toronto film festival with the one and only Ben Stiller! ££££££££

 For all of your Mossy needs theres a dedicated tumblr blog for all things Maurice Moss (here) for you too enjoy, I know you will.

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