Prince William and Princess Catherine

Kate, now Princess Catherine, chose Alexander McQueen for her royal wedding dress today. Sarah Burton envisioned and crafted the perfect dress for Kate and the nation. The train, the tiara the Queen lent Kate, the beautiful bouquet, the silks, it reflects everything Kate is and will be; a modern Princess with traditionally values and beauty.

Personally, on twitter last night, I longed for Kate to have a sweeping veil in the softest material, a longish train as you can see below and no bitty embellishments such as feathers.

The bouquet must be modest and the Queen should wear yellow. The Queen in fact did wear yellow with a great hat to match, no meringue-ness, very fuss free.

Kate chose McQueen for their traditional craftsmanship and quality expertise of dress making. She knew that a McQueen dress would be unique, powerful, romantic, feminine and magical. Everything a Princess is and needs to feel on the biggest day of her life.

There was no one else who could of made a better dress than Sarah Burton. I cried when I saw the dress just because it's not only stunning and Kate looks so perfect, it's that Alexander McQueen shall now always be remembered throughout the world, throughout history. Even people in the darkest corners who cuss at fashion will know the Princess' dress was a McQueen.

Alexander never got to see it but his name lives on tremendously. Everything he was lives on through Sarah Burton. With her vision and her skills and her experience and knowledge of the brand - this is why Kate is wearing a McQueen dress today.

It truly is a magical moment for both the world and fashion.

Did you know that Sarah Burton is from Manchester? Get in!

Kate's sister Philippa is wearing a bridesmaid dress also made by Sarah Burton, how could you not guess. It's perfect fit and amazing silk crepe material is just simply stunning down to very detail.

The womanly figure McQueen continues to reproduce is that of a goddess and that is what both sisters seamlessly represented today.

 The best moment when her father completed the task of walking her down that aisle handing her over to her rightful future. It's such a personal moment, just look at their faces.

William reveals Kate of any nerves just would have felt with a simple 'you look beautiful'. It's their youthful, modern charm that made this ceremony so relaxed. Catherine's parents look extremely proud of their daughter, its such a sight to see.

I'm not going to bore on with the details as noted in more factual articles - I've been using the telegraph as my go to guide.

Just watch it, enjoy it, take it all in.

It's just what we all needed.

The nation is so proud!

Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine!

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