The Stone Roses

To be or not to be? I Fukushiming hope so! (no disrespect to Japan honest, even if you do slaughter dolphins, the tsunami made me cry and I'm looking into working at my local Red Cross)

Not really a fan of the SUN but this has been the talk of my timeline on Facebook READ ME

The Stone Roses N.M.E. cover 1989
possibly the best cover shoot ever? I'm a huge fan of Jackson Pollock! P.s I did not know John Squire was the avid, amazing, painter - guaranteed post on that!

For my readers out of the UK and perhaps in the UK, the Stone Roses is one of the best perhaps thee best band to come out of Manchester, some say Great Britain. I would be one of those people.

I'm very patriotic when it comes to my home town Greater Manchester therefore the likes of the Stones, Oasis, The Smiths are very dear to my heart indeed. If the Stones were to reform, I'd have to get one of those tickets. No matter how much of a pill fest, me excluded I can't deal with lucozade let alone recreational drugs, think a Prodigy gig where you're asked if you want to buy pills from all angles where you are seated/standing, times 10. This is Manchester.

I really hope this is real. I am so happy to be living in a economical relapsing era where classic old school bands are having to reform just for money making deals. It's great. I've seen the Buzzcocks and will be seeing Madness at Leeds fest this Summer! Both two bands I was brought up listening to constantly.

Where will they play? The MEN? Such a money grabbing venue, but the only one in Manchester large enough for a full scale gig. The Courteeners played there for over £20 but I really doubt the Stones will, I'm feeling £40 which does not look good for my jobless life style. The Apollo? Or should I say the '02' Apollo seen as they recently bought it and gave it a mod con revamp much to our distaste. We liked the fact the sign could of fell on anyone of us at any moment! The classic red and black frontage is no more and now replaced with the conventional blue and white. YUK, nether the less, it's too smaller venue however it may work. I won't even consider the Academy. The Academy's are all great and nice but not fit for a Manchester born, bred, shaped this town band.

If you don't know who the Stones are, you maybe familiar with Ian Brown (Fear?) but this is so much more than that. Have a listen to the best of The Stone Roses.

Obviously its subject to opinion as to what the best of the Stones actually is, but for me I could listen to all 3 of these all day everyday

I for one am holding out on the Happy Mondays return.

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