Viktor Vauthier

My new favourite Photographer Viktor Vauthier shoots Lazy Oafs SS11 Look Book and the incredible hipster bible Urban Outfitters magazine! Vauthier documents the style of today so we can look back in 20 or so years times and wonder why denim made such a come back and perhaps tusk at the fact we never brush our hair. Or that boys looks like girls, and girls resemble pixies rather than tomboys of the 90s.

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Here are a few of my favourites Vauthier shot for UO Mag pulled from the UO site. Let these be your muses as to where to go from here in terms of street style. I'm uncovering the gem that is the UO Community, enjoy!

Vauthier uses old cameras from Olymus to Contax but all with a 35mm lens, sorry Picnik, these textures are the real deal. Dammit.

Creepers. Quite possibly the only shoe I'd buy tickets to watch burn. Now in leopard print.

Not being funny but I feel like going Greenpeace on Marlees ass. He actually stabbed that fish there and then, yeah we did it in the cave days but I can't help but think POOR FISH ):

So what do you think? Is it style? I think its controversial style, hold up! I say controversial because it's a mixture of all that was controversial because I see skater, androgyny with a pinch of mod, all references recognised as being controversial, rebelling against conformity. It's a mixture - thats the only way I can put my finger on it at the moment. It's a play off the SS10 denim, which personally I thought was dead, and the rucksack trend I remember topshop exploited so well, we're talking £40 per teeny tiny bag. Its good to see that styles are not being screwed up into the evolution bin never to be seen again, they're being recycled. Go recycling!

Check out Viktor Vauthiers blogspot here

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