ASOS Meets (The Drums and CSS!)

ASOS the well known etailer has paired up with the coolest musicians around for a series of videos 'ASOS Meets.' Where we get to find what inspires them, what their style is and who are their favourite bands. 

CSS feel clothing should make you feel empowered - especially on stage. Adriano Cintra always found himself wanting to stay in his school uniform all day, his style icon was David Bowie go figure, hes not alone only I used listen to Bowie whilst wearing my uniform, usually in Math class. Luísa Hanae Matsushita aka Lovefoxxx,  loves her make up, it's fun. Lovefoxxx also wants to be naked on stage most of the time. CSS are playing at Manchester Academy in August, I've wanted to seen them for so long!

Ahh the Drums! Johnny is so cute. 'Denim? I wear denim everyday...' As a band the Drums feel it matters what they wear, which is anything pattened in a polo's buttoned to the top style in mustard or beetroot tones paired with dusty jeans. What they wear affects the story of their music, it has to fit. Clothing and music are very important partners.

The Drums music and style are influenced from bands such as the Ramones and the beloved Smiths.
And get this, ASOS are offering 20% off denim when you enter the code: DRUMSDENIM

Image 1 of ASOS Light Wash Slim Fit JeansImage 1 of ASOS Skinny Carrot Jeans

I feel like getting these myself. Link here!

I love how the ASOS videos have the handheld recording effect set in the crackling Nevada Desert home to Coachella (only the coolest festival in the world!)

Now listen to some of my favourite songs from these musicians, look for jeans and happy shopping!

P.s check out ASOS, their online magazine, July issue with Zoe Kravitz (who has to have the coolest rockstar dad on the planet) on the cover, theres also a cute video to watch of the shoot too!  
I really love how street fashion is going through a oh so sixties transitional stage and that music is a main influence where anything goes at a festival, shopping vintage is a hobby and clashing prints is an art form.

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