LeithLate: 10 venues, 2 hours, 1 after party!

LeithLate is like the best of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Brick Lanes flourishing atmosphere combined with Edinburgh’s infamous cultural character. A one night event, 16th June during Leith Festival, which promises to overload your senses with occasions such as live music, short films and rare vinyl, plus more from 10 venues in 2 hours with 1 after party!

This art event is located across 10 venues around the top half of Leith Walk, between 6pm – 8pm, with one major after party at Pilrig St Pauls Church from 8pm till 11pm! Local artist David Lemm will be designing a map to all participating venues so there’s no excuse not to miss this wonderful opportunity. After all, LeithLate is combining a variety of artists from poetry to dance for one night, resulting in a mix of ideas, fun and spirit running on a very fuzzy, ale haze.

LeithLate was born one night in a pub conversation started by Morvern Cunningham, the event organiser, "LeithLate was an idea that didn't die.” And aren’t we lucky? It’s a fusion of ideas and passions for the arts happening in one place and at one time, welcome to all. Its chance to admire the labours of artists being creative for a living, not just as something they do on the side. This gives people like me, faced with a future of dramatic University debts, comfort that there are events such as this helping other artists, doing something about it and most of all, celebrating creativity.

On the night expect monkey pizza and short films curated by Future Shorts Edinburgh at Brass Monkey Leith. With a sneak preview of The Skinny’s June issue to be spotted and exhibitions from Keith Farquhar at Whitespace Gallery, there also dealings of literature and musical sounds, of Wounded Knee and Blueflint, at Elvis Shakespeare. There’s so much happening in one big melting pot of vibrancy and community that is Leith; minus the eccentrics and if any, only the good kind. Did I mention it’s free? With an after party fee of £4, expect a line-up of PET, The John Knox Sex Club and Sara and the Snakes; a party most definitely not to be missed.

If you want to donate and support the bands, artists and people who made LeithLate come to life, a donations bar will be available or get in contact via email.

For the future of all budding and established artists, help make LeithLate an annual festivity!


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  1. this looks like it will be fun! i love when cities are able to get behind the art scene.

    enjoy yourself hun!

    -fb X