LCF BA Catwalk show

We've had the London College of Fashion 2011 MAs it's now time for the BA's with less than an hour till showtime. With models hand picked from the streets and talent blossoming from LCFs walls we're all waiting to see the designers ideas, efforts and creations come to life. At half 6 tune into the LCF website to catch the live viewing!

I love to look at the designers profiles before the shows and pick my favourites.

Angela Brandys designs are eye catching, textural and playful. Perhaps the ultimate definition or eclectic but somehow still elegant. I love these pieces. Especially the lilac coat, not to mention the models hair!

From an influence of sea creatures Yeashin Kim has contrasted vibrant psychedelic colours, only Christopher Kane seemed to execute perfectly until now, with muted coral and seaweed tones. But it works, flawlessly. I really like the simple side pony. Dare I say it Jessie J? In the nicest, most fashionable way.

"Garments from the collection are aesthetically attractive, highly finished whilst creative and breaking the boundaries of sustainable fashion." - Rexy Sung

Rexy Sung Fall RTW 2011
To me Ya-Chiao Rexy Sung did it for me the moment I saw that bag.You wouldn't believe the beautiful details are made up of safety pins and nails from the pavement. Rexy Sung Fall RTW 2011

I'm in love with these pants. I don't like to over use the word wearable, but these actually are. I love the palate the fabrics and the gold embellishments. It's so city chic it makes me want to go out and get a business job just so I can look absolutely fabulous holding my coffee. Though coffee can stay away from these outfits, and will have to actually get a job first.

I'm a sucker for a collar and these are lite enough to button up and pointy enough to take your eye out without an over use of the iron half an hour before you leave.

Rexy Sung Fall RTW 2011

The embellished top is far from fussy, it's warrior women with minimal effort. Plus I've not yet seen a clutch I like that's boxy, beautiful and bold, I have now.

Good luck all and have a fantastic night!

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  1. the top in the last shot is AMAZING!!!

    wow. this is really really nice. i wish i could own it myself.

    -fb X