London vs my hometown, Manchester, also known as, the best city in the UK.

It's the Madcap book signing in Manchester today and unfortunately, I can't be there. The queue is apparently curling around the Arndale and all I can do is sit in my flat and moan. Moan because it took me from the other end of Oxford Street to find HMV for the London book signing. Moan because the nasty bouncers were mean, pushy and mean. Moan because I'm living in the capital and I can't get one lousy photograph. But most of all, wheres the painting? Is HMV so corporate they don't want a bit of acrylic here and there? No? Not even a few splashes of watercolours?

I've tweeted Noel with my concerns. It went a little something like this 'Dear @noelfielding11 I'm from Manchester and cant make tomorrow but I went to the one in London and it was shit. Please re-do with paints x'

I didn't get a reply. It's ok. I still love Noel and Dave. 

I'm going to head over to Maison Bertaux, hopefully have chat with Tania and muffle my angsty hmv rage with proper tea and apple cinnamon pie.

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