Term 1

London has worn me out although I feel as if now is the time I can finally get to see London. LCF first term final deadlines are Thursday and I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of opening up Word. However thanks to post it notes I'm not bashing it out without proper research - thats good - the sick feeling is not.

Heres some photos of me, bored, in my room taking a break from the mountain of work and shorthand revision:

I'm really enjoying London. I've met lots of lovely people and seemed to of gotten the hang of the London walk-ish, still got a bit of a Northern sway, obv. I've learnt to talk clearly so people can understand my Mancunian mumble although no promises for when I'm tired. 

I just really miss this:

 And this:

And doing this:

However I've tired these: (not a fan)

Met him:

Been here at fashion week:

And nearly completed my first term at uni, in London, at Lcf.

17 days till I come home.

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