I've completed my first term at LCF! Sadly both Brenda Polan and Annie Davies are leaving us, which I'm gutted about :-( however I'm already looking forward to term 2 and finding a trend to write about for my Christmas project, so tell me what you're all into at the moment @sammehxo!

Pre-presentation. Don't ask.
Why do I look so small! This was the big presentation I was dreading but it was alright.
I've had this scab on my chin for about a month.
Its too cold outside to venture anywhere too far and its too dark after 4pm to want to go out anywhere so instead i've took the time to finally read all my magazines and books I've collected over this term. However I fear if I sit in this room any longer I'm going to surface a different person. I don't know if experimenting with outfits, make up and hair should be this healthy.

1993's child.
I blame this skirt and my love for the Smiths.
I've also had the chance to get back into Pride and Prejudice. I had a good sob whilst watching it, over how Mr Darcy isn't real and how nice Mr Bingley is. I comforted myself with the thoughts of my own wedding at Pemberly, I mean Lyme Park. The same Lyme Park I nearly rolled into that water bit when my family and I went to visit it, it's literally 20 minutes away from my house, who'd of known!

Lyme Park (Pemberly!!!!)

I've also been studying.


Studying fashion journalism not only allows me to be up-to-date on pretty much everything, its a requirment, other than shorthand (grr) my studying consists of the shows. The course doesn't just confine us to fashion, theres lifestyle and I'm determined to infuse music in there somewhere!! 

I really like this collection featured on Pastel make up, get in. The collection was inspired by lots of cute things you can read about here. As soon as you wake up, go to make a decision or find your self wondering, just ask yourself, what would Courtney Love do?

For my essays I had to look through millions of books to reference. Which lead to many trips to the new CSM and LCFs library to rummage for books, resulting in several heavy bags and many hefty tube journeys. I'm not complaining, I love libraries :-)

I spotted this image and really fell in love with it. I want to be her.

Whilst looking at good things to post on my tumblr I realised how cool Nancy actually was. I love this outfit! Note to self: V neck jumper/Sid Vicious bf...

I also realised my desire to own 10 things I hate about you so I can watch it on repeat.

 And my idolisation of ChloĆ« Sevigny. Since 2008, I was glued to her style section in ELLE which I always read in PSHCE class, whatever that was. I also used to read Jackie Collins in that class too and didn't get why my teacher exclaimed when he had a nosy at what I was reading... it didn't take long to realise why.

Oh Winona.

I need to get out of these four walls!

2 days Manchester!

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