Am I fourth wave?

I've grown up avoiding the topic of feminism. Not because I was told to but because whenever I brought it up in conversation no one seemed to really 'know what its about' or it was to simply burn my bra, I was pining for the day when I could actually wear a bra so the thoughts of destroying the beacon of teenagedom put me off from researching further.

Becky and I last day of year 7!

All my life I've suffered with this discomfort within my own society. I could ramble on about my society all day but I won't because it makes me unhappy.

I'm going to keep this short as I'm researching Fourth Wave Feminism and how there is such a thing. I am it. We (a few) are too.

Just read this interview: and note the 'maybe its on the internet'. Which when I read I felt as if everything I felt discomfited by had slotted into place.

Updated, please note: This is written in a casual style, this isn't an essay, feel free to discuss and remember this is only my opinion.

  1. A womens personal interests and quirks should be explored not suppressed because of what the media, youth culture and Topshop stuff filters downwards deeming what we should be interested in.
  2. Women shouldn’t feel the need to ponder the idea of an eating disorder just to loose weight because their thighs may not be as small as fellow individuals on Facebook who get 100s of meaningless ‘likes’ on the image and what they see on pro-anna tumblrs.
  3. Sites like lookbook should celebrate outfits not the people wearing them, no one is tumblr famous, no one needs their own facebook page dedicated to them unless they’re actually doing something good for the world other than taking photographs of themselves on a weekly basis.
  4. Tiny shorts at festivals = girls not in tiny shorts are over looked, ignored or seen as boy haters. How dare I cover my own flesh and not allow sleezy, drunken teens to gorp at my pins?? This therefore ruins the atmosphere at festivals as it now feels like a fashion parade, in the pouring rain, instead of the music.
  5. The fact I don’t like to be treated like an imbecile by the opposite sex regardless if this is classified as ‘banter’ or not. I will not entertain this, I will not laugh it off and admire you from a far. Respect is a mutual thing, think about it. Therefore don’t be surprised because I will call you out about this.
  6. SKINS the program has a lot to answer for. Not only has it glamorised drinking, sex and drugs people actually think acting like the characters makes them cool. I understand Skins was trying to make a point of childrens lives etc how no one knows whats going on behind closed doors but the fact is some people now think waking up to a bottle of vodka, skipping college and smoking weed is ok. Its cool. Some girls feel the need to embrace their bodies as sexual objects attracting any male as they please like the girls did on Skins, its not for everyone, but feel the need to smoke weed and drink heavily themselves. Not that I’m saying they cannot, just they feel if they were to say no this wouldn’t impress that boy in chinos they’ve been facebook stalking for about 2 weeks now. I think its getting serious. I think all of the Skins series is the most shittiest and problematic program ever made and I don’t even think they realise this.
  7. Which leads me on to my next point. This think like a man, act like a lady shit. What is that about? Why don’t you just be yourself. Acting like a man does not empower you any more than being a women. Do what you want, this is not an excuse.
  8. Facebook ‘get in the kitchen, make me a sandwich jokes’, hilar.
  9. What gets me about them is women actually think by using these jokes around males or to their fellow women this adaptation of the male persona will not only make them super attractive to the opposite sex but by doing so generates this aura of cool and faux respect.
  10. Becuase I don’t entertain males when i.e meet them when they want, attend all the parties regardless if they’re boring or dare to be realistic in the fact they’re not funny. It’s as if I’m not doing my job as a women by refusing to ‘please’ them. Making them feel good about themselves is not a womens duty.
  11. And finally if a girl doesn’t want to go out with a boy it doesn’t make her a lesbian. If a person wants to be gay/bi/straight/lesbian thats ok to WE KNOW THIS. The fact women feel the need to be single to achieve her dreams is sickening as why is it one or the other? I sure feel like it is one or the other. Career or husband/family? It shouldn’t be like this, but I sure as hell feel like it has been categorised still into one or the other and I’m not having it. I want a good career and Patrick Verona by my side.

This is a ramble of my thoughts and peevs that has been annoying me for years now. I think something needs to be done about it because the teeny boppers being pushed around by guys isn’t ok. The internet is a powerful tool in the wrong hands for any gender. It’s also a powerful tool with the ability to create respect and peace.

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