SAD Care Package

Every year I self diagnose myself with SAD:

'SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated 7% of the UK population every winter between September and April, in particular during December, January and February.'

You may or may not laugh but its very serious. Not only do I hate everyone more than usual, when I'm awake I'm usually napping and when I'm trying to sleep I'm wide awake. I feel like utter crap and no matter what I seem to do, nothing can comfort me or make me feel happy. Even googling tips on blocking SAD makes me feel even worse.

Light therapy? I just want to laugh! 
So I've came up with my own. I think you'll like them.

1. Eat brownies.
Don't feel bad about craving both carbs and sweet things. I live for sugar but my dentist loves me because I take good care of my peggys. So brush your teeth.

2. Listen to new music.
Theres nothing worse than listening to 8tracks or your iPod even on shuffle and listening to the same songs you've been listening to for the past 2 months. I find I attach certain feelings and emotions to songs therefore listening to them when I'm in a mood, just makes me feel even worse. I like to hit the 'Next Mix' button on 8tracks to listen to other peoples music taste. You can find new songs to love and old ones you've forgotton about. If this seems like to much of an effort, I understand I really do, a good dose of the Smiths (click for a youtube playlist) always works.

3. Lipstick, eye-liner, moisturiser.
To me make-up is just something I wear most days but not everyday. I like to put on the clothes that make me happy such as my Smiths t-shirt and tie dye skirt, backcomb my hair, spray my perfume, moisturise like a bitch and layer on the eyeliner. If you don't wear make up this is something you could try, you can experiment with mad eyeliner and lipstick colours in the comfort of your own home. Your flatmates/parents will give you funny looks but they'll admire you for trying something new. If you're fed up of applying your face, take it off and wear Johnsons moisturiser. Its so dreamy. I love to wear just this and liquid eyeliner :-) 

4. Cup of tea and DVD dates with yourself.
Bring gummy bears.

5. Buy a new magazine.
Or a new book. You can pick it for its content thats ok I guess but choose one which design and photography and typography and styling inspires you. I've been meaning to buy Lula for years but was worried it was to girlie and airy fairy for me however the 'girl of my dreams' issue really appealed to me, I'd do anything for a Wednesday inspired wardrobe. If you've been reading my blog since the start you'll know I've been reading Dracula since my first year at college, because I've always wanted to and to freak people out.

6. Stay off tumblr.
No one needs to make a facebook fan page dedicated to themselves. No one.

7. Read your horoscope.
Then scoff at it if its not what you were expecting. Then bbm or message your friend for a good chat about that lad you like and how hes not emotionally available, or replying to your tweets. My good friend, unnamed, and I like to construct plans where we 'acciendely' run into Ed Sheeren(notforme)/Matt Lewis(forme). This really helps, though we do actually genuinely believe they will work. You know who you are.

8. Exercise, just do it.
Everyone enjoys it you just need to find out whether you enjoy sweating like a pig or stretching into crab positions. Do whatever makes you feel like you've had a good workout, google the possibilites. Jillian Michaels is like my fairy god mother. I cry during these workouts which strangley helps my SAD.

9. Zombie games.
My flatmates must think I'm a tiny bit strange because I like to turn up the volume just to get some power behind my pixelated gun. When I'm home my little sister and I have been gamers since the ps1, progression to the xbox, we play them all. My favourite, Saints Row 3. The missions in this game are actually good, I get bored easy but these keep me engaged. Theres nothing like coming home to hijacking cars, shooting down helicopters and joyriding moterbikes in nipple tassles, after a grey day. This might just be me. I'm sure there are some more PG games out there, the Sims I find is my go to in the holidays. The Sims Urbz is my favourite theres more creative control for your Sim, plus I'm pretty obsessed with the soundtrack.

10. Do leave the house.
Especially when its frosty and sunny. Make the most of the rays and make sure you meet the friends that will make you laugh, in a good way. I find rum helps.

11. And finally...
Don't compare your life to those of others. Facebook lies, get off it now. Actually just get off the internet for a few hours altogether. Read a book. You'll feel better.

Things could be worse. You could be Bernard.

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