I'm In A Bad Mood And Thats OK

Usually when I've too many thoughts going on inside my head, I end up feeling like I want to scream the house down and shit on everything and everyone around me, not literally, this is when I blog.

I have plenty of things I am grateful for, which are my reason for getting up in the morning that make me smile at random times of the day, just I end up finding myself in a burst of moodiness where I just proclaim how much 'i hate that program', 'i hate that song', 'i hate these people' instead of snapping out of it and stop being a moody sod.

I'm sick of how I let other peoples negative thoughts on twitter and Facebook have the power to ruin my mood. I should just avoid them altogether. I usually do when I'm under some form of stress, going back to university, however I shouldn't have to, people just shouldn't be so shitty. There, I said it.

I think a final conclusion to this rambling post is people are different and they'll say or do things I won't always agree with. My mums told me I need to be more patient and its true. My mum also told me it should be my resolution, to be more patient with people. And I'm trying, I really am. Its a balance of being happy within yourself, being productive, keeping inspired and controlling those moody bouts, which everyone has. Ahh humans.

I needed a bag for university, my Tony Wilson 'We do things differently here' fabric bag has been over used and I don't want it to brake. I've been eyeing up this fluoro pink Cambridge satchel company bag since I saw a girl in London back in April last year carrying one. It was in the sale at Urban Outfitters, £70 from £105! I think its 13 inches and its real leather. Its beautiful, I was so made up when it came in the post today.

 I had a really wonderful, cider and black hazed, New Years Eve with the wonderful Tori, Kyle and India! They're such fun, lovely, nice people I'm so grateful to know. I always have a good time when I'm with them. Kyle is such a loveable drunk, I've known him since we were put next to each other in Maths, 5 years ago. He though 'great, i'm sat next to this weird mosher girl' while I thought 'whos this geek i'm sat next to, i hope I can copy off him'. He moved up a higher class in Maths soon after but we still remained friends, best friends, and I passed maths. Kyle never let me copy him.

This is me, in Maths and theres Kyles head! Paying attention as usual while me and Kayleigh drew on each other and took plentiful photographs. I'm surprised I passed Maths.

I'm really fond of Robert Schwartzman at the moment. Hes doing good things for the people of Tibet, see his website and follow him on twitter, stalk his twitpics. A place I would love to visit one day. Hes a musician, whos sound is what I like to call up-beat-American-rock. Its that classic american rock, minus the punk, that you can chill out to but can also dance too. Its not indie. You might know him as Michael from Princess Diaries. *drools*

I made a new 8tracks playlist you can listen to over there ----> in homage to Pike from Buffy the movie. Enjoy!

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