Computer posture

I like to think when I'm on the laptop reading/researching/stalking my posture and appearance are quite put together. 

I couldn't really care if my mouth falls half open as I stare into a screen zombie-fied, my family is used to it. However today has been one of my lazy days, in my Pucci jumper, bed-head hair and only a flick or two of eye-liner, this is how I like to spend my days off. I feel like I've made the effort that day if I've worn eye-liner, nothing else, not even mascara. A spitz of perfume, Gucci Guilty at the moment, makes me feel cheery too. 

So yeah, today I felt good. I sat through an hour and a bit listening to a podcast, which was great, and wondered if I resembled any of the following:

I didn't:

Although not too bad, you can see the scab on my chin has healed-ish shouldn't of picked it so much, I just wonder what other people look like, not so much what they're doing, whilst on the computer.


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