Joseph Gilgun

Joe Gilgun seems that sort of man whos both charming and a bit rough you could still take home to meet your parents. Or in a nutshell, a classic Northern lad. Joe is from Chorley, Lancashire and went to Oldham Theatre workshop, not to far from me. Hes worked on TV soaps such as Corrie (Coronation Street, in Greater Manchester based on Salford) and Emmerdale (set in Yorkshire, Corries better). If you want to see some of his recent stuff you can find him on Misfits and in This Is England.

 Joe has dyslexia and ADHD which according to Wikipedia (a good source but not reliable) "biggest pain of [his] life." He studied art and a fashion degree before becoming a plasterer, then returning to acting. Hes only 27. Its clear Joe loves acting but its interesting to note that art and plastering (discovery and manual labour) are two main areas found in fashion design, which he studied but found too academic.

I can't help but wonder, without the essay writing bollocks, what Joe would of created? Hopefully, when he has a spare minute, its something he could have a stab at in the future? A capsule perhaps? Menswear the ladies could wear too? It'd sell and I know a lot of my friends who would buy it too. I'd wear one of his jumpers all day.

Speaking of jumpers, I bought a lovely jumper from an Afflecks Palace pop up shop in Albert Square, Manchester, yesterday. Its Pucci. £20. Nice one Afflecks.

I love this background information on such a character because he is truly that, a character. Effortlessly charismatic, down to earth and beautifully handsome. I love people who are constantly searching and experiencing things they're genuinely interested in.We can expect lots of great things from Joe and you know he'll be enjoying it at every turn.

This Is England '88, starts tonight on channel 4, 10pm.

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