Term 2

So I've survived my first week back at uni and its actually been really good. Getting used to the tube in the morning, the mad dash walk and seeing 7am was a little difficult, I really felt it by the end of the week. This term we're studying cultural studies so its something different and I'm looking forward to learning more about it. 

In Shepherds Bush, sheppyb. The only thing, Noels face, that gets me through the morning tube and sheppyb in general.
We're going to be studying the feminism movements which I'm so excited about! There's lots of reading material to get through which will make for a nice change/ valid excuse for my anti-social tendencies.

A late night trek to M&M World was a perfect way of celebrating the end of week (it's open till midnight!) and an article written for one of my favourite websites (link soon) I'm happy its the weekend. 

I've been  really focused on making my room and flat really cosy so I've stuck lots of photos and things to make it all nice. 

Rachael had done this so we know whos in and whos out of our flat.
I also suggested we move the furniture around in the flat to make it more habitable so we can all sit together :-) We've stuck fairy lights and our fave glossy ads up on the wall, our pin board is yet to be decorated in its entirety. 

One of our fridges, guess which magnets mine, its not the Ann Summers one thats Rachaels, who works at Ann Summers.
Other than meeting the halls mouse this morning (disgusting) we spoke to plantman, across the courtyard from our windows. We've been waving at him all last term. Hes nice and his dads from Manchester, I also guessed right that he was studying Physics without any hint from his room or bedroom habits, which is so freaky but I'm feeling well smug about getting it right. 

My desk last term, the post it note madness. Its much more colourful and homely now :-)
Noel Gallagher and Peter Saville in a Face magazine feature on my wall, replacing what was the first term post it note madness. Peter actually very kindly rang me up and told me about one of his pieces I was writing about for one my my essays last term which is why his face is stuck on my wall, I'm not saying any more because I'm still in shock/awe.
This is a task in the 2nd term to take 10 photos of a familiar surrounding in a way you haven't looked at it before.
A snow globe I got for my Christmas secret Santa!

Heres some room/house inspiration taken from Oyster magazine.com. These are photos from inside Courtney Loves home, photos were taken for Janexo.

Feeling a little sick from the M&Ms.

Real blog post soon.

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