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hey look what I've been up to:

White Noise have given me the opportunity to write their music profiles, which is brill because music comes especially easy for me, which any like-ness should. So I was given a list to choose from and have so far written about these two below.

I had to write about Tribes. I have my friend Gennie to thank for getting me into these, dragging me away from Leeds fest 2011 main stage where Two Door were playing and I honestly have to say it was so worth it. Click the link above to have a read.

I had heard of Fanzine but what a cool name, how could I not write about them. This sounds really sad but whenever I pick my music I just pick the the names that I like, and most of the time the songs I've chosen at random become really big well known ones so it kinda makes me feel like I'm on the right track. Doesn't seem to work with films though... I have rubbish taste when it comes to the cinema. Click above to read :-)

I've just finished writing about Summer Camp & Peace. Both of which I'm pretty obsessed with now. Have a listen:

Who knows, the dream would be to actually have a chat with them in person! But for now, I can imagine and enjoy their gifts of sound.

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