Dedicated to Flo

It's about time Flo had her place here on ferrris. Although one of my dearest friends will lecture me why this hasn't happened sooner (big fan, too much if I'm honest...) I have been a fan since Lungs, her floaty bohemian white stage dresses, an abundance of flowers, however it's only recently she has totally sold it to me with her new song with Spectrum, "Say My Name".

It's amazing! I just can't get it out of my head, now I understand why my friends tell me how much they sing her songs from the top of their lungs. Anyone who loves flowers, glitter and messy hair are good in my book. I wanted to take a flick back through her style for those awesome shots with everything magaical, flower power!

Now I see why red is the new blonde. Kinda itching for the hair dye but think I'll stick to the loose waves. Now I'm off to make a flower crown rookie style (or just buy that H&M piece) and spread the loveglitter!

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