The New Look

Searching for the perfect winter coat I came across some Urban Outfitter styling that pretty much sums up today's 'look' that is both on trend, hints at grunge that is polished and can still be made individual.

Over time I have found collecting images of things, articles, clothes, colours, textures, anything that catches my eye, inspires me more than list writing when it comes to shopping. (Of course a list is then created deciding what actually needs to be bought!)

I did get these images from the Urban Outfitters website's coat section, hence the variety of coats, but it's easy to spot the key notes to get this overall look which to me speaks This is England/East Londoner minus bagel.

♥ Fashion:

As you can see, button up shirts are still a big deal which is cool as their comfy as hell. From tie dye to denim, this allows you to go on the search for those personal shirts! Ones you just *have* to have, ones you can customise and ones with the emphasised collar you just can't live with out. Have fun with it.

I'd say treggings (oh yes) & worn skinny denims are the go to here. With a buckle boot, worn vans or polished loafer with a pant turn up will compliment nicely. It really doesn't matter, as long as it's not Uggs. They're not allowed, I know.

Bucket bags, patchwork bags and satchel bags are a must, please!

♥ Beauty:

A bold brow and middle parting and you're ready to rock and roll. Maybe go wild and add a wave, who knows.

The moral of the story here kids is to be inspired by the image UO is trying to push. Their clothing is overpriced and their models are unrelatable to me as a customer, however the thought and preparation they put in to their look, catalogue and styling is pretty cool and we can all relate to that. Feel that. Cool-ness. Make it your own because for once, this is the only time in a long time to really experiment and embrace you're own style. We're at a time where wearing a jumper inside out, around your head or back to front is now expected, not just acceptable.

My only rule here is, be clean kids. Wash your face.

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