Street-style: Manchester, Northern Quarter

Other than this horrid cold I've been battling with, get the violins out, I've been very busy! I'm constantly writing which is a plus, I've gotten back into the habit of reading everything in sight and have been making the effort to setting aside some time with my beloved magazines, like I used to.

I've really missed reading ELLE like I did religiously when I was 14, usually in RE class (I got an A in RE class I'll have you know). I think there was something about coming to the capital, doing the course I've worked so hard to get on and at one of the best fashion schools in the world that was a little too much to adapt to in one go. However now I've passed my first term and already into the second, I feel like I can truely appreciate where I am, my family who support me and how much effort I put in. Its nice to appreciate things to look forward to whats ahead, hardwork will never be underestimated even if its only to satisfy myself. What I'm trying to say it's important not to give up or get lazy and expect everything handed to me.

I'm really looking forward to making a scrap book of all the exhibitions I visit like my friend does, its a good way of reflecting on what you might of seen especially as deadlines get closer. Its comforting to know theres life outside of Word documents.

Fashion week is here hurray! I'll be glued to my Blackberry and online streams this seasons, maybe next season I'll be lucky enough to experience it in person.

In other news, I was snapped on Oxford Street the other day after a Monday at uni, rummaging in the well stocked library in between my lectures, seminars and workshops. It was a great experience as the week before I was back home for the weekend and in Manchester photographing people in the Northern Quarter for my street style essay. So it was interesting to be on the receiving side! The photos were taken by David Nyanzi for Asos magazine so it was a nice start to my week, even with the cold at the time!

Here are a few of my images I took in Manchester's Northern Quarter:

I took these photos in a mission to find a trend to research and write about for an assignment this term. I really like the way these people carry different looks and play with accessories.

Everyone I took photos of in Manchester were so friendly. It was so nice to spend my weekend in my home town city where I used to spend every weekend growing up. Spending my weekends hanging out on Urbis gardens listening to music, back combing my hair and generally up keeping my image through fashion as a teen mosher/scene kid is such a past time for me. 

So it's nice to still be able to come, hang out in town at the weekends in not only the coolest part of town, the Northern Quarter, but actually document the trends and Manchester's youth culture thats happening today. 

Its nice to be able to progress as an individual and still feel apart of it.

I'm near to the full pace of deadline mania so I'm going to keep calm, stay moderately sane, work hard and try to have fun with my work that I love.

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